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Ahoi compañeros! This seems to be the very first time I‘m going to write some shit on here. Believe me, I‘m very well aware of the fact that probably nobody ever will read this, nor will be interested enough to just hop over on our small blog. So I guess I‘m just doing this for myself in order to kill some time or wathever. The thing is that we interim decided not to use MyScheiss, so I set us a small blog up on here to put on lyrics, songs and some other stuff AND above all to have the opportunity to post from time to time some shitty news no one will care about, oh yeah!

Anyway, we just recorded our first seven songs live in our small basement rehearsal room and played our first five shows which were all pretty cool. The first two shows happend at the beginning of March somewhere in our hometown Graz. One of the shows was a benefit gig which a local anti-repression group has put on in order to raise some money for the Austrian animal rights activists who were arrested in 2008 and stayed in remand for 105 days because of § 278a StGB. § 278 is a fucking law existing in Austria that can punish people for being part of a so called „Kriminelle Organisation“ (Translated: Criminal organization?). In fact you don‘t have to be part of something „criminal“, you just have to be part of a political group that doesn‘t fit them for any reason. The bad thing about it is that with § 278 this state can muzzle and silence all the people, that are in any way criticial or show civil societal commitment, just by assuming people that they are part of a criminal organization. I don‘t know what’s the current state, but I think the proceedings are still going on. Yes, this goddam state sucks so damn much and you can‘t even imagine how much I hate it! I guess something similar is also existing in other countries, I also know it from Germany with § 129 StGB for example. The second show we played was the tour kick-off show for the South-East European tour of Plague Mass, where two of us also play in. The show also turned out pretty nice and the aftershow party going on was even nicer.

Now we just came back from our first weekend where we played some shows outside of our hometown. We booked all the shows in the very last minute and so we didn‘t expect them as good as they were. At the first show somewhere in Veszprém County, Hungary we met our good friend Dario from Slovenia, who is driving the American band we played with through Europe. Killin‘ It! seem to be pretty good guys, also the Gagarin, his !wife! and his friends who made the show and so we had a great party going on after the show. The show had to be over really early. Perfect! More time for us to get drunk and to party. And so we did, spending all our gasoline money and more for beer. Together with the Americans we slept in an office, but the special thing about it was that next to this office there is a bowling alley where we partied on, drank way too much of the cheapest leftover wine we found somewhere and of course bowled by using our empty beer bottles as pines. What a mess, you can imagine. The drive to the next show was pretty long. We had to go to the very north of Slovakia to a small town called Čadca near to the Czech/Polish border. What a show that was at Klub KOMA. We played last and all the people there were going wild and crazy and they really were a lot. Also the vegan goulash Twiggy made for us was really delicious. Everything alright. We slept at an !alpine cabin! where some of us of course again partied on with some fresh drinks and good grass until the sun rised. Amazing view! Back again in something looking like a civilization we had to find the way to Vienna where we played at the power to the people fest II. After hanging out in Vienna the whole day and eating way too much Flö picked us up and we arrived at TÜWI. TÜWI is one of the nice places in Austria, not only for shows, but also just to hang out there. The power to the people fest happend there for the second time now and we played on the second day of the fest. I don‘t even want to try to imagine how much time and work and probably also money Flö put into it as the fest goes for two days and she set it up alone. The show was fun, but unfortunately we left the show pretty early heading towards Graz because some of us had to get up really early on the next day. Thanks to our friend Walli for lending us dirty fuckers his van for the shows. That’s really appreciated! Now we are looking forward to the shows we‘re going to play in July in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.