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Yo! More than two months passed by since the first entry. Wow. It seems like that over the summer months time is passing by twice as fast as it does over the rest of the year. Most of us really try to enjoy the summer as good as possible and put a lot of effort into not finding or having a fucking job over the summer months, even though most of us already ran completely out of money. But that’s a different story.
Our little boat called Børedøm had some more shows going on in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. Right now I‘m not really into writing a detailed report about the shows we played, due to the fact that there’s quite some time passed since the shows happened and because they already seem pretty far away again. Some of the shows we played in July reminded me on why we started such a thing and why we still act within that community or whatever you want to call it, with all its positive and also negative aspects, after (at least for some of us) quite a long time. I just remember the beautiful city of Rijeka. The Infoshop there, a really nice place to spend some time. Shit, it was so hot in that small concert room, but there’s nothing better than playing shows really close to the people. Oh yeah, all the friendly and nice people there. The delicious food we got. Etnah, the band we played with there, who played their first show and who were really awesome. If you are into slow and heavy sludge, crust stuff with intense female screaming vocals you really should check them out as soon as they have recorded something! The after-show feast and party, including loads of Balkan Schnaps, we had going on, thanks so much Damir and friends! The hanging out at the seaside. Yes, there are definitely worse things in life than playing a show in July in Rijeka and chilling out at the seaside then. I remember Ljubljana, with all its awesome squatted places. It was the first time for us where we visited the area of Tovarna Rog, which is squatted for around two years now I think. It’s so good to see that there are still some countries in Europe where it’s still possible to squat places and to keep them. Damn, and it feels great to meet good old friends again and as usual the In-Sane boat including Máteja, Dario and Shaggie took good care of us and set a great show up for us and Plague Mass. It’s good to see how much effort and time some people put into the whole thing. I remember the, for those countries really typical, punk festivals we played. I remember the great after-show party on a Friday night at Metelkova, the other awesome squatted area in Ljubljana, Zock and me had going on. I should definitely spend some more time in Ljubljana, especially on weekends. We also played one more benefit show in our hometown together with Finisterre from Köln, who are pretty good guys and a worth watching band too. The show was a benfit show for the 1st of May arrested activists in Linz. That was also the first show, after the few shows we had to play with only one guitar, where we played with a second guitar again, yes! Ohhh ja, mit viiieel mehr Schweineriffs gegen ein Schweinesystem und natürlich gegen Polizei und natürlich gegen Repression und auch überhaupt gegen Österreich und fuck you, alright! I remember all of us going to Fluff Fest and hanging out there and the awesome rehearsal room show we played after Fluff Fest in Wiener Neustadt at the band house. Did I already mention that it feels great to meet good old friends again and that there’s nothing better than playing shows really close to the people, even though it’s more like in a sauna in the concert room? Thanks.
We have some new songs finished and we want to record them in the winter time and release some stuff next year. Unfortunately we‘re not able to play a lot of shows until December, because some of us are on tour with other bands they play in BUT we plan to play some tours next year and we really can‘t wait for it! The first short one should be around February together with Rivers Run Dry from Budapest. Yeah.