Archiv für Oktober 2009

Hello! Yes, you won‘t believe it, but we‘re alive both as a band and as individuals. As individuals we‘re killing time as usual. As a band we‘re currently working on the new songs which we‘re going to record in the middle of December. Some of the songs we‘re going to record in December are supposed to be released on a split together with Sand Creek Massacre from the Netherlands, which is awesome. The other songs will probably be released on other splits a bit later the year. We also already started with booking the shows for February and already got two shows confirmed in Germany and we‘ll play one show in Graz together with Sand Creek Massacre and Rivers Run Dry as well. Apart from Germany and Austria there are some more shows in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic planned. Most of them together with our friends from Rivers Run Dry. We‘ll see what’s possible. Still we won‘t play a lot until February. The E.K.H. show is next week on Sunday, the night before national holiday in Austria. So yes, as you can imagine, we‘ll celebrate the day of our nation right there at E.K.H. Oh yeah, we, the turd, united! Payerbach got moved from the 19th of December to the 13th and one more show got confirmed in Königsdorf in January. So maybe see you somewhere on one of the shows for having fresh conversations or just some fresh drinks together. We‘ll also start with booking the shows for the tour we‘re planning to play in March/April including Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain pretty soon. Yo, and that’s it. Punk is eigentlich eh ganz geil! Graz aber eigentlich gar nicht soo sehr! Oder auch umgekehrt! Oder auch gar nicht! Boundless happiness. Oder auch nicht. Cheers again!