Archiv für Dezember 2009

Tagchen! We have some little news to announce. We‘ve been in the studio for two days and recorded six new songs for the two 7inch splits we‘re going to release in 2010. Of course we needed to do that as retro as possible and so we decided to use that old ribbon machine we found somewhere in Tom’s studio for the recordings, which was an adventure for itself. As already told here, the first 7inch split, which is the one together with Sand Creek Massacre, should be out somewhen in early 2010. We‘re just finishing recording the vocals right now and we‘re talking to some labels about releasing our stuff. Some of them already got confirmed. We‘re also really glad that the artwork will probably be done by an artist from Börlin, which really is one of our favorites. She really did some amazing artworks for great bands and we‘ll post it here as soon as there are some news concerning that. The booking for the twelve shows we‘re going to play in February is nearly done. Just one more show in south-east Poland needs to get confirmed. We‘ll play most of the shows together with Rivers Run Dry. The last three shows in Germany and Austria will be together with Sand Creek Massacre. Right now we‘re booking the shows for the little south-west European tour we‘re planning to play in April and March, probably including Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy and Slovenia. Apart from that we‘re playing a show in our hometown next Monday together with Alpinist and Cobretti, both from Germany. The show will take place at Sub which re-opend a few weeks ago and which is the coolest and actually the only real self-organized do-it-yourself place for shows we have got in Graz. So we‘re really looking forward to play there again, provided that I survive my fucking illness. Yo, so much for that. Still pretty hard times for us, dealing with all the omnipresent and never ever-ending boredom that surrounds us. Salud!