All the songs of our demo CD-R „Nömen Est Ömen“ are online as MP3s now as well. As far as I know all the copies of the demo are gone. I guess we lost most of them somewhere, somehow on the roads. As already told here, we still could need some more help with booking the shows for our upcoming tour in March and April. Please just get in touch with us if you‘re able to help us. Thanks, we appreciate that!

There‘re also some things going on „outside“ of that reactionary punk thing, haha: If you‘re able to go to Vienna on the 29th of January you should do so. The annual gathering of the „Wiener Korporationsring“ (WKR) will take place in the Hofburg on that day. You can find some more information about that extreme right dancing event on Indymedia if you‘re interested. Yes people, it’s time to beat the shit out of those fuckers again. For a society without capitalist power structures and any form of opression! Red-white-red burn, burn, fucking burn down! Haha, I‘m fucking serious, so do NOT laugh.