Archiv für Februar 2010

Thanks a lot to all the nice people who helped us with the shows and took good care of us on the first weekend in Hungary, Romania and Serbia. We really appreciate that! Apart from shitty roads, shitty weather and all the fucking borders, that still or even just now more than ever try to divide us from each other and as a result of all that really long drives, everything was really nice and heartily. It feels great to play again. Thanks a lot to Rivers Run Dry as well, you‘re great dudes and I really can‘t wait to see you tomorrow again. Our merchandise also made it finally to us. So we‘ll bring along some t-shirts, patches and buttons from now on. This weekend we are going to play in Czech Repulic, Slovakia and Poland. We can‘t wait to meet some old friends again and of course to make some new ones. Hopefully see you somewhere! Cheers.