Archiv für März 2010

GenossInnen! Ferbuary was truly a blast! Thanks a lot to all the nice people who set up shows, cooked for us, gave us a place to sleep, organized us grass and fresh drinks, made interviews, travelled with us, had boring conversations with us, partied with us, watched our boring shows or took good care of us in any way. You‘re all amazing and the reason why I‘m doing this shit. Thanks once again to Rivers Run Dry and Sand Creek Massacre for touring together with us dirty fuckers, we had a beautiful time and we honestly love you. Oh yeah, love is in the air. Thanks a lot also to Gattaca. No thanks, rather a huge ‚fuck you!‘ to all the police assholes of several countries, to European traffic jams, shitty weather and to the wind storm Cynthia. Yes, you fucked us a lot but in the end we were the ones who won the war again, ha! As already mentioned, we also made two interviews on two of the shows we played in February. One was made with Kobi in Belgrade and the other one with the guys from Gluga Neagra in Timişoara. I will post them here later. The split 7inch with Sand Creek Massacre should be out in May/June. The split will feature two new songs of us and the artwork will be done by Kaska Niemiro, which is really awesome. She really does amazing stuff you definitely should check out: Furthermore we will release a split 12inch with Rivers Run Dry which will feature four new songs of us and also should be out around that time. The plan is to record our first full length album in the summer time. Tomorrow we‘re going to play at E.K.H. again. Can‘t wait to meet our Greek buddies there again and to party hard and dance the whole fucking Monday night again. After that there’s a bit more than one week left and then we will be on tour in Switzerland, France, Spain and Slovenia for two weeks. We still have a few dates where we could need help with a show, so if you‘re able and willing to help us out please contact us. Good look-out for us anyway, yes. I guess there are worse things in life than to go on tour in the beginning of April in Spain. We already had that issue I think. Really can‘t wait to be on the road again and to leave this fucking country again! So much for now, salud and stay geil.