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Shalom people! Have you ever tried to greet a police man in an Islamic state during Ramadan in that way? As for me, I can doubtlessly say I did. I did just a few days ago and believe me, it can be quite funny if you have a really intense addiction to getting fucked in a hard way by cops. Of course this just happened by mistake to me and quickly I turned out to be the really innocent victim of a really bad mistake, haha. No, to be honest, greeting a police man with this word was of course not unintentional. Of course I had to do what I possibly do the best and also enjoy the most: to needle the local authorities as much as possible and see what’s happening after doing it. What I learned this time from it: in fact there are quite a few situations where it’s really better not to provoke local authorities. That was indeed one of those situations. Yes, I know, I‘m a stupid idiot, haha. So that’s clarified now.
However, it’s been ages since the last update on this page. We‘re all pretty lazy fuckers concerning that. The spring tour which brought us to Switzerland, France, Spain and Slovenia is long over. Anyway, the memories are still all there and yes, most of them are indeed amazing. The shows all turned out really nice, we made loads of new friends, met awesome people and visited beautiful places again. Thanks so much to all the amazing individuals who helped us on that tour and made the whole thing possible. Now it’s probably time for another very loud: Up the punx and okupas! Cheers to any girl or boy who still is passionated about what she or he is doing, who still is putting time and effort in setting up shows, in preparing food and drinks, in making a distro or label, is taking part in a social movement and has no interests in giving up her or his very last brain activity or just is playing in one of all those bands out there which still don’t give a fuck in getting famous or making some shitty coins. After taking part in many of such things for quite some years I know how hard it can be sometimes not to give in or to get completely insane and not to accept the welcoming warmness of a mental institution as the very last way out. Being surrounded by all the stupidity, narrow mindedness and the fucking status quo of society out there and unfortunately too often also is omnipresent within those oh so great communities which pretend to be so fucking different to society outside. Epic fail! Still, what gives me the most energy to continue is to meet all those amazing individuals and places. It’s the conversations, the parties, the music, the free drinks and the food…all those nice little things about touring which make life a bit more bearable to me. We also had some more shows going on in July in Slovenia, Croatia and Germany which again were great. Thanks again for treating us so well everywhere. And yes, we have some real news to announce too: The split 7 inch with our friends from Sand Creek Massacre is finally out too! If you are interested in getting one of it you can write us or get it on one of our further shows. Here’s what it looks like:

This beautiful piece of artwork is done by Kaska Niemiro ( and the pressing includes 524 pieces on black vinyl. Don‘t ask me why it’s exactly 524 fucking pieces. Anyway, it’s released by Contraszt Records from Germany, Dzsukhell Records from Hungary, Halvfabrikat Records from Sweden and Panda Panda Records from Slovenia. Thanks so much for supporting a bunch of losers and helping us to collect all the fucking money which was necessary to make this happen. Cheers to Philipp, Danne, the Rivers Run Dry dudes, Luka, Tjea and the Melete guys. Thanks to Kaska who really had to suffer a lot because of me being a fucking slob and lazy in answering messages, but really good in forgetting things and sending wrong infos. Despite all that, she did an amazingly beautiful artwork for us. Looking forward to hang out in Berlin with you and have some beers together. No thanks to the Dutch ‘turd’ named Sand Creek Massacre. The truth is: we‘re just releasing the split and touring together with you losers because we didn‘t find a better option, haha. Kusjes aan jou! Ganz geil alles!

We‘re finishing everything for the upcoming split 12 inch with Rivers Run Dry now and still would welcome the help of a label for distributing the records and making the money issue easier for us work-shy fuckers. We also have finished enough songs for a full length album which we want to record in the winter time. We play some shows with Alpinist again in September and believe me they are worth to drop by on a show. We‘re also playing at Schrottbar Fest in Biel in the beginning of September, so it would be nice to see you somewhere around. More tours trough Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Turkey and the Balkans are planned for the beginning of the fucking year called 2011 in your ridiculous calculation of times. Yes!

Wow, it turned out as a pretty long entry. Not bad, so that should be enough for the next years and we can enjoy our own laziness to the fullest again. While writing this entry I‘m sitting in Laayoune which is part of the by Morocco occupied territory of Western Sahara and I just experience Ramadan and Islamic Culture. Even though both sucks big time the only things I really miss about this shiathole called Europe are way too loud punk shows, ice-cold beer and of course some of the people who make it worth to come back for some time. Can‘t wait to hit the road again and to get fucking wasted, stoned and to continue the war against everything that surrounds us and all the other clichéd things that are strongly connected to the idea of an average storybook punk rocker, haha. Talk to you here in the fucking year called 2013 in your ridiculous calculation of times again. Earliest 2013! Cheers!