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Shiat, it became fucking freezing again. We‘ve to deal with our daily lives again, which means suffering a lot. Everything is so fucking grey, brutal and cold again. Everything is so incredible boring. No excitement, just the daily dose of mediocrity or total shit and never ending boredom everywhere. Winter. Stagnation. A shitty cold city full of apathetically assholes. I‘m pissed off. Endless tiredness of everything. Hard times. Nearly unbearable, to be exact. I‘m so fucking sick of all those apathetically dead humans I have to see every fucking day. I really don‘t know how it comes that I still didn‘t abandon myself to total callousness too. But for some unknown reason I just can‘t. I really can‘t and I guess I would rather kill myself than to become so fucking callous about anything. Human machines. Still it’s hard not to lose the believe that I‘m not the one who is completely insane. I mean, I just really don‘t get it, what the fuck happened to all those countless dead people? How can they just accept all the shit they have to experience, how can they just go on with the same old shit every fucking day. They are suffering too, they are so fucking bored too, I really can see it clear in their faces, but they have stopped to face up their boredom, they have stopped to face up their alienation, they have stopped searching for alternatives. They possibly stopped struggling when they were just little children. They just don‘t care anymore. How can they even survive a single day in such a bunch of pure narrow-minded bullshit? I couldn‘t. But maybe it’s really just because I have never stopped to believe that there are things to do who are worth the effort. There are still people, even though they are not a lot, who are passionated, who are worth spending time with them. There are alternatives worth fighting for. There’s fun. And yes, there’s excitement too. I have experienced all those things, so why should I stop to believe that it also could be possible at all times. And don‘t get me wrong, that really has nothing in common with fucking reformist hippie ideas. I‘m far from celebrating those dumbasses. I hate them to be honest. Their shitty ideas will bring us nowhere too, to the contrary. I want to punch them in their fucking faces!

Maybe just because of all those facts, we‘re going to enter the studio tonight again. We‘re going to record our first full-length album which will be called „World bores to death“ with our friend Nickl Gruber. He already recorded our demo together with us in our basement practice room last year and I can‘t wait to spend nights full of trying new sounds, drinking beer and recording songs again. We already have finished 10 new songs for the album. Next week we‘re going to play in Slovenia together with our good friends from Leechfeast at their tape release show and the day after we‘re going to playing in our hometown again. It’s the release of our split 12inch with Rivers Run Dry, so they are playing too. Leechfeast are also play again and also our friends Scraiste from Vienna are joining us for the show. Yes. That sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks so much to the Rivers Run Dry dudes for taking good care of getting the 12inch released. Thanks to Luis Sendón, our friend from A Coruña, who did an amazing artwork for this split too. Thanks to all the nice people participating in diy labels and who helped us to collect the money again. Without all your help we really would be fucked. So this is what the split looks like:

It features four songs of us and three of Rivers Run Dry. It’s released by Dzsukhell Records from Budapest, Halvfabrikat Records from Sweden, Panda Panda Records from Ljubljana, Dream Comes True Records from France, Ita! Ita! Records from Hungary and Car(a)mba Records from Poland.

So at this point I also really want to thank the people from Trieste and apologize once more for us being so fucking wasted, trying to destroy the whole city on our way home and due to that fact possibly really exhausting to them too. Thanks for all your patience, you‘re awesome. Best food ever and we fucking love motorcycle poses! Thanks to Pianoearthquake. Thanks to all the people who set up shows in September and October too. We spent beautiful weekends together with Alpinist and the Holy Mountain in Croatia, Hungary and Austria. You‘re awesome too and so are those both bands and you all know it anyway.

I also updated the blog site a bit. The biography section is new and I added a link section too. We made a bandcamp site too. You can find the link to it in the discography section. It’s easier to listen to songs there. We‘re touring in the beginning of January together with Sand Creek Massacre again. Fucking hell! The plan is not to die in one of all the squats…falling asleep fucking wasted and being amused nearly to death. That can be dangerous. You never know. Anyway, this time it’s Praha, Berlin, Hamburg, Emmen, Amsterdam, Köln, Mainz and Erlangen. Vera will not be able to play the bass on this tour, so our friend Mikey from England will join us on the bass. After that the next tour will happen in April/May. We already started to book the dates. You can look them up in the shows section. It’s Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, the Ukraine and Hungary and again we would welcome any help of people setting up shows in these areas. Thanks. On the 1st of May we will possibly have a day-off in Greece. This is what our Greek friends told us about it in advance:“Don’t‘ be scared, be prepared:“ Haha. I‘m excited about that and still try to follow as good as possible what’s going on there since the shooting of Alexi by that fucking police asshole two years ago. The situation there just can be something we should really aim for in all the fucking nation states all over fucking Europe. Those guys are strong-willed, they really want to see everything collapsing and they want to create something new after the total collapse, something better, something different, something which is not so much end-of-the pier and bullshit. Admirable and also something to be jealous about! And still, it just depends on us to create the same situation and that’s probably also the best solidarity act we can show them. The time has come. But that’s not the topic now. The entry is already too long to read just the half of it again. However, the next summer seems to be far away at the moment but will hopefully bring us through Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Poland, at least that’s the plan. The new album should be out then too. I will post the tour poster for the upcoming tour with Sand Creek Massacre in January here later too. It really seems like it’s high time to escape this fucking cold reality again. I can‘t wait, I‘m almost looking as much forward to tour again as I probably enjoyed the feeling I got when I was on my first punk shows as a young teenager. Let’s have some fun again, let’s have some joy and leave all the shit behind us! That’s what the Holy Mountain told me:“ This life is all we have. This life, this fate. Here is no exit! Defeat means death. Here is no fucking exit!“ Haha. Cheers buddies!