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Morning! It’s already 3 pm, fuck! However, we just got the premaster version of our first upcoming full length album ‚World Bores To Death‘. All the eleven songs have been recorded, except for the vocals, in December 2010 at s.t.r.e.s.s studio in Puntigam, Graz by our friend Nickl again. The vocals again were recorded by ourselves in our basemant practice room in April 2011, right before we left for the South-Eastern European tour. The mix and master job this time is done by Rec-O-Rob (Robin Völkert) in Münster, Northern Germany. Thanks to Nickl and Robin for doing a great job once more. We just uploaded two songs to get an impression what it will sound like:



The lyrics can be found in the, oh suprise, lyrics section. The record should be out in the summer, at the latest before we‘re leaving for the Scandinavia tour in August. The artwork should be finished within the next weeks and the whole thing should be in the pressing plant in the mid of June. Some things never change, so we still didn‘t become friends with the idea of working a lot to get a fucking wage, but who does? Anyway, the expenses for releasing a LP are not that easy to handle for a small diy band. So if any boy or girl likes what we‘re doing and runs a label, or is able to help us to distribute it, just.. Really, we know what that means. Without you countless passionated individuals we wouldn‘t be able to start anything. Merci!

As shortly mentioned above, we toured South-Eastern Europe in April/May. The tour was great again. Starting in Croatia and Slovenia, meeting so many amazing friends again. Having a great time in Southern Italy, hanging out at self-organized farms and beeing spoiled with great Italian food, spending time at the seaside, waking up next to olive and orange plantations. From Italy we took the 16 hours over-night ferry to Patras, Greece and played our first show at the University there. The university is an awesome skate spot! Again we were welcomed really heartly and had a great time together with our long time buddies Despite Everything and a lot of other friends from Greece, also playing in several bands: Vodka Juniors, Sarabante etc. We really haven‘t meet each other for too long. For the show in Athens on the next day it’s hard for me to find words. It’s nights like this who really make me feel alive. Just crazy how many people showed up at Katarameno Syndromo and made the show to the best show this band has probably played so far. I hardly felt so comfortable at a punk rock show like in Athens. People dancing, partying, running zines and distros, sweating, communicating, just having fun together. Please check out what the guys have created with Katarameno Syndromo, it’s just amazing and something to aim for in every fucking city. We had an awesome time in Athens! We played three more shows in Greece. Larissa, Saloniki and Volos. All shows were great, so many amazing individuals and places. Thanks to Jack, Peio, Billy and Zaxos for making the whole Greece tour possible for us. Greece really rocks! After Greece we played one more show in Macedonia and one more in Timisoara, Romania again. Thanks to Marko and to the people involved in Atelier Diy in Timi. It’s a great place and collective! On the way to Romania we were going through Serbia again. Just when we passed Belgrade the Serbian cops of course stopped us again telling us we drove over a red traffic light and have to go to court on the next day in Belgrade. Sure, haha! Of course we didn‘t drove over a red traffic light. After explaining them for 20 minutes we definitely won‘t go to court and they should fuck off, it was „just“ 150-300 Euros fine, haha. In the end we drove off without paying anything. So fucking ridiculous. Sod you, stupid cops! The last show happend in Bratislava. We played Obluda for the second time. This time it was together with Tragedy, so as you can imagine, shitloads of Punks showed up again and made the night memorable for us again. Unfortunately the end of the tour wasn‘t that nice: getting our van towed in Vienna and paying 200 fucking euros to get it back again. Yo, welcome back in Austria and everything sucks ass again!

We‘re playing some single shows with Morne and Punch in June and July before we‘re touring Scandinavia in August. It’s the first time for all of us to go there and we‘re all excited about it. On the boat for this tour again: our buddies from Sand Creek Massacre, yes. Thanks for taking care of the shows, really can‘t wait for you guys again! Mikey played the bass on the last two tours and also will be playing the bass on the Scandinavia tour again. It’s great to have another friend in the Boredom boat! Thanks for travelling all the time between London and Graz!

So summer is coming again and it’s almost three years for this band. Our third record is about to be released and we visited already 18 coutries with this band so far. Don‘t know if I‘m just speaking for myself now or for all of us, but I really wouldn‘t know what else I would do if i wasn‘t able to play music, constantly travel around, meeting friends and new places. It makes me smile and feel alive and it really wouldn‘t be possible for us without the help of all of you amazing people. To finish the entry with a quote from the Despite Everything blog: „You mean the world to us.“ Cheers and see you!