Archiv für Juni 2012

Hey!! We‘re going to play at Unconquered Town festival in Karlovac, Hrvatska on Friday. Lukas decided not to play guitar in Boredom anymore, but he’s still around in Vienna and is also playing in bands such as Ruidosa Inmundica. Our friend Franz is the new one in our boat. So this will be the first show he’s going to play with us. The last tour we‘ve played in the beginning of April unfortunately has been pretty much a pain in the ass…a broken engine in Switzerland, sliced tires in Madrid, stolen equipment in France, canceled shows etc., the whole works you possibly don‘t need as a touring diy band. In spite of everything thanks to all the friends who treated us heartily again and set up really nice shows, gave us good shelter again and to all the people that danced with us. However, it took us some days after the last tour to sort out things and to get back our energy. In the meantime we‘ve got finished seven new songs, which we‘re going to record in the summer and we‘re also going to play some more shows over the summer, such as Fluff Fest and some other shows in July and September. Most of the shows are together with chummy bands such as Alpinist, Kain, Inu, Geranium, Masakari, etc. Check out the show section for more informations. The last news entry has been ages ago, so at this point I also really want to thank all the bands and amazing people we met on the February UK tour, possibly the most awesome tour we ever did so far! So this is more or less what we did within the last months. I just did some updates on this blog and will do some more these days and hopefully we‘ll manage to keep it up to date more frequently in the future again.
So see you soon again friends! Salud!