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Hello! Thanks a lot to all the people that came to our show last Tuesday at SUb in Graz. It was fun to play there after more than one year and around 140 people were showing up, which is awesome! SUb is closed for summer break until September now, but we could need some help building a new floor and to renovate some other things. Just check out the website of our diy space if you‘re around by mistake or just trapped in Graz and willing to help, at least we can offer you more than enough cold drinks, haha. Now I just came back from the sauna I needed to take with friends after loads of food and beer at the Fluff Fest weekend…even though it’s summer it feels good just to sweat out all the shit, but also to meet so many amazing friends and some nice bands from all over Europe on the last weekend and having a good time and beer together and to see that things still can turn out the best if they are done in a diy way….so thanks to all the people that watched us playing on Saturday there and who were involved in the organization of the festival…in some moments life still can be fun and pretty easy. We‘re going to play one more show together with Kain at the houseproject Die Danz in Regensburg this weekend. In August we want to record the new songs and try to release them soonish. If there’s anyone out there who wants to help us with that it’s again highly appreciated. Concerning shows we will be back in September in Austria and Germany together with our friends from Geranium and Inu, hope to see you then in all sincerity again….so enjoy the summer as much as possible, take care, try not to work too much, stay punk and last but not least..cheers!