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Wow, it’s already been more than one year sine the last entry on this blog, but today I finally managed to to pluck up the courage to write a news entry, ya. I‘m almost sorry for being so lazy with updating this site. Anyway, Boredom is still around and we‘re working on new songs which hopefully will be released in the beginning of the next year! We‘re also planning to play a larger tour then again. Actually we‘re thinking about releasing the songs as a split with another band. As soon as things are confirmed or there is a rough schedule about when the release is gonna happen we will post it on this site! We played a couple of festivals and single shows this spring/early summer and always had a good time in doing so. Thanks to all the friends who invited us, the bands we played together and all the people that took care of us. Some major things also changed in the band since the last enry last year. At some point last year Vera decided to leave the band as she had to focus on other things and our friend Yoschi became our new bass player in the band. It has already been about one year now since we played the first shows with him. Also Marian played his last two shows with Boredom on the Tragedy shows this year in June in Graz and Linz. Since then Domsch became our new drummer and already played the last couple of shows with us. I‘m stuck in Berlin since about one year, Yoschi and Domsch are bobbin around somewhere in Vienna and Linz and Franz and Chris are hanging out in Graz most of the time, so we‘re all spread pretty far from each other. Apart from that we all got to work, read and drink quite a lot or are busy with studies and other band projects based in different cities. All that makes it a bit more difficult to practise or play single shows and is possibly the main reason why we play less than the years before at the moment. But as already written before, we‘re still active and working on new material and we will do our best to play at least some tours next year and are also always motivated for playing a couple of weekend shows in a row or festivals. I‘ll try my best to keep this blog more up to date and will rework some things on this site soon. Hope you‘re able to enjoy the rest of the summer without too much work or finally getting arrested too and hope to see all of you punks in healthy condition soon again! Thanks for listening, cheers.