„Forward everyone! And with arms and heart, word and pen, dagger and gun, irony and curse, theft, poisoning and arson, let’s make… war on society!… FORWARD!“


„This is 2010, not 1968.“

SUb (myshit.com/subversiv)
- Only self-organized non-profit and autonomous d.i.y. venue in Gradec, and actually the coolest one too!
Ernst Kirchweger Haus (E.K.H.) (med-user.net/~ekh)
- Austrias only squat in Vienna
Wagentruppe Treibstoff (treibstoff.wagenplatz.at)
- Wagenplatz, Vienna
Idee direkte Aktion (i:dA) (ideedirekteaktion.at)
- Anarchist collective in Vienna
Bahö Magasin (bahoemagasin.blogsport.de)
- Anarchist Infoshop in Vienna
Infomaden (med-user.net/infomaden)
- Infoshop at E.K.H. in Vienna
[A] Infoshop Ljubljana (a-infoshop.blogspot.com)
- Anarchist Infoshop at Metelkova, Ljubljana
Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže (pekarna.org/web)
- Ex-Squat in the buildings of the yugoslavian army in Maribor
Tovarna Rog (tovarna.org)
- Squat in the buildings of an ex-bicycle factory in Ljubljana
Infoshop Škatula (skatula.anarhija.org)
- Anarchist Infoshop in Rijeka
Autonomni Kulturni Centar Medika (pierottijeva11.org)
- Autonomous Centre/Squat in Zagreb
Kafe Marat (kafemarat.blogsport.de)
- Autonomous Centre in Munich
Køpi (koepi137.net)
- Squat in Berlin
Rote Flora (nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/roteflora)
- Squat in Hamburg
Schrottbar Biel (myshit.com/schrottbarfest)
- Wagenburg Schrottbar, Biel
Autonomes Jugendzentrum Between (between.at)
- Autonomous youth centre in Bregenz, Never Conform Festival is happening there
Klub Tetris (myshiat.com/gruppotetris)
- Autonomous self-organized venue in Trieste
Ungdomshuset Dortheavej 61 (ungdomshuset.dk)
- Squatters/autonomous centre in Kopenhagen
Autonomes Zentrum Wuppertal (az-wuppertal.de)
- Autonomous centre in Wuppertal


„Austria sucks at least as much ass as any other nation state.“

Projekt A-Z (projektaz.blogsport.de)
- Squatters and initiative for establishing an autonomous centre in Gradec
Mayday Graz (maydaygraz.wordpress.com)
- Autonomous antifascist group from Gradec
Antifaschiste Aktion Gradec/Graz (AAG) (graz.antifanet.at)
- Antifascist action group in Gradec
Anarchist Black Cross Wien (abc-wien.net)
- Anarchist Black Cross Vienna
Anarchist Black Cross Berlin (abc-berlin.net)
- Anarchist Black Cross Berlin
Rosa Antifa Wien (RAW) (raw.at)
- Pink Antifa Vienna
Grauzone Innsbruck (catbull.com/grauzone)
- Collective from Innsbruck
no-racism.net (no-racism.net)
- Anti-racist initative from Vienna
Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstands (DÖW) (doew.at)
- Documentation archiv of the Austrian resistance
An die Waisen des Existierenden (andiewaisendesexistierenden.noblogs.org)
- Insurrectionary anarchist initiative from Switzerland
No Prison! No State! (noprisonnostate.blogsport.de)
- Anti-Prison group
Knäste zu Baulücken! (bauluecken.blogsport.de)
- Anti-Prison initiative from an anti-repression group from Hannover
Info Usurpa (usurpa.squat.net)
- Weekly calender and infos about the actions of the okupa movement in Barcelona
Assemblea d‘Okupes de Barcelona (okupesbcn.squat.net)
- Infos about the okupa movement in Barcelona
From the Greek streets (occupiedlondon.org/blog)
- Irregular updates and articles on the situation in Greece, in English
Abolishing the borders from below (abb.hardcore.lt/home)
- Anarchist collective in Berlin, formed by East-European migrant anarchists and political and counter-cultural anti-authoritarians


„How can they look into my eyes and still they don‘t believe me?“

Dogstailart (behance.net/dogstailart)
- Kaska Niemiro from Berlin/Warszawa
Luis Sendón Illustration (sendonluis.blogspot.com)
- Luis Sendón from A Coruña


„Because all my orgasms are d.i.y.“

Shitpiece.Records (myshiat.com/shitpiecerecords)
- Cool d.i.y. label existing in Gradec
Contraszt! Records (diyordie.net)
- From Cologne
Behind The Scenes Records (behind-the-scenes.org)
- From Berlin
Halvfabrikat Records (halvfabrikat.net)
- From Axvall, Sweden
Panda Banda Records (myshiat.com/pandabandapandabanda)
- From Ljubljana/Koper
Dzsukhell Rekords (myshiat.com/dzsukhellrekords)
- From Budapest
Car(a)mba Records (myshiat.com/carambahcpunk)
- From Radom, Poland
Ita! Ita! Records (myshiat.com/itaiitairecords)
- From Budapest
Dream Comes True (myshiat.com/dreamcomestruerecords)
- From Selestat, France
Moonlee Records (moonleerecords.com)
- From Ljubljana/Zagreb
Alerta Antifascista (no-pasaran.org)
- From Hannover
Kollektiv Ausrasten (myshiat.com/kollektivausrastn)
- From Chur/Bern
Bistrita Hardcore Brigade (B.H.C.B.) (myshiat.com/bhcb)
- From Bistrita/Cluj-Napoca
Gluga Neagra (myshiat.com/gluganeagra)
- From Timişoara
Burevestnik (myshiat.com/burevestnik011)
- From Beograd
The Saw Is The Law (myshiat.com/thesawisthelawconcerts)
- From Vienna
Knödel mit Ei (myshiat.com/knoedelmitei)
- From Vienna
Voltaire Booking (myshiat.com/voltairebooking)
- From Linz
Leben Ist Kein Scheisz Ponyhof (myshiat.com/lifeaintnopicnic)
- From Gradec
Secret Handshake Booking (myshiat.com/secrethandshakebooking)
- From Gradec
S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio (myshiat.com/stressstudio)
- Recording studio in a collective houseproject in Gradec


„We met each other and suddenly we became friends, just because we‘re all so fucking doomed in the same way.“

Melete (bizniscore.blogspot.com)
- From Ljubljana
Plague Mass (myshiat.com/plaguemass)
- From Gradec
Leechfeast (leechfeast.blogspot.com)
- From Ljubljana
Alpinist (myshiat.com/alpinistsucks)
- From Münster
Knötaröt (myshiat.com/knoetaroet)
- From Perversia
Pavilionul32 (myshiat.com/pavilionul32)
- From Timişoara
Sand Creek Massacre (sandcreekmassacre.blogspot.com)
- From Zwolle
Rivers Run Dry (myshiat.com/riversrundrydbeat)
- From Budapest
Codia (myshiat.com/codiacore)
- From A Coruña
Altercado (myshiat.com/altercado)
- From Graneros/Santiago de Chile
Ruidosa Inmundicia (ruidosainmundicia.net)
- From Vienna/Santiago de Chile
Demenzia Kolektiva (myshiat.com/demenziakolektiva)
- From Vienna/Santiago de Chile
Astpai (myshiat.com/astpai)
- From Wr. Neustadt
Maradona (med-user.net/~maradona)
- From Vienna/Santiago de Chile
Sotatila (myshiat.com/sotatila)
- From Vienna/Tampere/Santiago de Chile
Scraiste (scraiste.net)
- From Vienna
Finisterre (myshiat.com/finisterror)
- From Cologne
The Holy Mountain (mountainofenemies.blogspot.com)
- From Tampa
Ekkaia (myshiat.com/ekkaiacrust)
- From A Coruña
Inu (myshiat.com/inumisantropunk)
- From A Coruña
Ursus (myshiat.com/barbarianpunx)
- From A Coruña
Etacarinae (myshiat.com/etacarinaehc)
- From Barcelona/Lisboa/Buenos Aires
Pianoearthquake (myshiat.com/pianoearthquake)
- From Trieste
Shoyu Squad (myshiat.com/shoyusquad)
- From Hannover/Bielefeld
Cop de Fona (myshiat.com/copdefona)
- From Palma de Mallorca
The NY-Hill Stillness (myshiat.com/thenyhillstillness)
- From Tulle
Despite Everything (myshiat.com/despiteeverything)
- From Athens
Vodka Juniors (vodkajuniors.com)
- From Athens
Lifelock (myshiat.com/lifelock)
- From Istanbul
Gattaca (myshiat.com/gattacaxvx)
- From Praha/Olomouc/Roznov
Insuiciety (myshiat.com/insuiciety)
- From Berlin/Warszawa
Intensity (badtasterecords.se)
- From Malmö/Stockholm
Analena (analena.org)
- From Zagreb/Ljubljana
Unquiet (myshiat.com/weareunquiet)
- From Berlin
Fall of Efrafa (myshiat.com/fallofefrafa)
- From Brighton
Kain Punks (kain.net.tf)
- From Linz
In-Sane (in-sane.servebeer.com)
- From Gornja Radgona/Ljubljana

Not so good friends, but still pretty nice:

Mönster (myshiat.com/monsterberlin)
- Hardcore gegen alles from Berlin
Bombenalarm (colddeath.net/bombenalarm)
- From Mülheim
Burial (myshiat.com/burialhardcorepunk)
- The lowest form of animal life from Hagen
The Now Denial (myshiat.com/thenowdenial)
- From Bielefeld
Lies Feed The Machine (myshiat.com/fodderforthemachine)
- From Berlin/Warszawa
Images (myshiat.com/imagessuck)
- From Hannover


„Haha, your life sucks so much ass!“

Thank you.