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Finally, we‘re just about to finish our new 12inch. All together it will be eight new songs. The mixing and mastering will be done again by Robin Völkert. We‘re still looking for labels willing to help us with releasing and distributing the new stuff. Feel free to contact us if you‘re interested. We‘ll try our best to release it as soon as possible and post some more informations about the release here in the next days. We‘re also playing two more shows in December. As we had to cancel our show at the houseproject Die Danz in Regensburg in July we‘re happy that we‘re now able to go there soon. The second show will be at Epplehaus in Tübingen the day after, where we‘re going to play at the Winterfest, together with loads of other awesome bands. (more infos here: Really looking forward to this! For the upcoming year we‘re planing to tour through Poland, Germany, The Netherlands and France in April again and are also thinking about playing some shows in Greece again and later the year we hopefully make it to England, Scotland and for the first time to Ireland. At least that’s the plan, as soon as anything is confirmed I‘ll post it here. I also want to apologize once more that we had to cancel the Kain release show in Linz in October in the very last minute, due to health issues and family reasons. Anyway, hope you had a good time there and you really should get their new 12inch ( if you want to support some of the last few really active and sweet diy punks in this ridiculous country. Thanks to Inu and Geranium for the nice time together in September. Winter is here again, stupid wage slavery, university misery and other unnecessary things are yet still not abolished, so all those things are still raining their shit upon all of our heads. We can‘t stop to fight this, we‘ll stay alive and we need to be more angry than ever before…question everything at any time, where are all the remaining punks? Thanks!

Here’s the tentative schedule for April:

03.04.2013 Brno/Bratislava
04.04.2013 Krakow
05.04.2013 Warszawa
06.04.2013 Wroclaw
07.04.2013 Berlin
08.04.2013 Hamburg
09.04.2013 Hannover/Münster
10.04.2013 Nijmegen, De Onderbroek
11.04.2013 DE/BEL/LUX
12.04.2013 Strasbourg
13.04.2013 CH/DE/AT


Hello! Thanks a lot to all the people that came to our show last Tuesday at SUb in Graz. It was fun to play there after more than one year and around 140 people were showing up, which is awesome! SUb is closed for summer break until September now, but we could need some help building a new floor and to renovate some other things. Just check out the website of our diy space if you‘re around by mistake or just trapped in Graz and willing to help, at least we can offer you more than enough cold drinks, haha. Now I just came back from the sauna I needed to take with friends after loads of food and beer at the Fluff Fest weekend…even though it’s summer it feels good just to sweat out all the shit, but also to meet so many amazing friends and some nice bands from all over Europe on the last weekend and having a good time and beer together and to see that things still can turn out the best if they are done in a diy way….so thanks to all the people that watched us playing on Saturday there and who were involved in the organization of the festival…in some moments life still can be fun and pretty easy. We‘re going to play one more show together with Kain at the houseproject Die Danz in Regensburg this weekend. In August we want to record the new songs and try to release them soonish. If there’s anyone out there who wants to help us with that it’s again highly appreciated. Concerning shows we will be back in September in Austria and Germany together with our friends from Geranium and Inu, hope to see you then in all sincerity again….so enjoy the summer as much as possible, take care, try not to work too much, stay punk and last but not least..cheers!

Hey!! We‘re going to play at Unconquered Town festival in Karlovac, Hrvatska on Friday. Lukas decided not to play guitar in Boredom anymore, but he’s still around in Vienna and is also playing in bands such as Ruidosa Inmundica. Our friend Franz is the new one in our boat. So this will be the first show he’s going to play with us. The last tour we‘ve played in the beginning of April unfortunately has been pretty much a pain in the ass…a broken engine in Switzerland, sliced tires in Madrid, stolen equipment in France, canceled shows etc., the whole works you possibly don‘t need as a touring diy band. In spite of everything thanks to all the friends who treated us heartily again and set up really nice shows, gave us good shelter again and to all the people that danced with us. However, it took us some days after the last tour to sort out things and to get back our energy. In the meantime we‘ve got finished seven new songs, which we‘re going to record in the summer and we‘re also going to play some more shows over the summer, such as Fluff Fest and some other shows in July and September. Most of the shows are together with chummy bands such as Alpinist, Kain, Inu, Geranium, Masakari, etc. Check out the show section for more informations. The last news entry has been ages ago, so at this point I also really want to thank all the bands and amazing people we met on the February UK tour, possibly the most awesome tour we ever did so far! So this is more or less what we did within the last months. I just did some updates on this blog and will do some more these days and hopefully we‘ll manage to keep it up to date more frequently in the future again.
So see you soon again friends! Salud!